RE: MS WEbdav....oooh you didnt know...

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 09:37:25 PDT

> You guys are just now figuring out the Frontpage Generation is fuxord.

Um, Tom, FrontPage doesn't use WebDAV. It uses the FrontPage server
extensions. Office 2000 uses WebDAV. The confusion may be due to the fact
that the Web Folders user interface is capable of using either FrontPage
server extensions, *or* WebDAV.

> WEbDAv on an MS system is about MS apps....oh no shit...realy?

Of course, with IIS 5 supporting WebDAV, WebDAV on an MS system is not
*solely* about MS apps. Excosoft's Documentor, Adobe Go Live 5 (soon),
sitecopy, cadaver, WebDAV Explorer, Goliath, and many other applications,
both commercial and (cue to sound of angels singing) open source, also work
against IIS 5. Oh, and they also work against Apache mod_dav, Xythos
Storage Server, Endeavor's Magi-DAV, and a slew of other servers.

So, you're right Tom, this *is* more than just a protocol. It's a mindset
of creating open, interoperable systems, just like the IETF has always done.

- Jim

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