XML-RPC validation suite and Web app

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From: Dave Winer (dave@userland.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 04:28:46 PDT

At WWW9, one of the things I agreed to implement is a validation suite and a
web app that tests against the suite. This is the next step for XML-RPC, to
confirm that we have compatible implementations, and where they are not
compatible, to make the fixes necessary.

The app is running here:


The validator1 suite is documented here:


If you have an XML-RPC server running, and would like to help, please
implement the validator1 suite (it's easy) and test it with the validator
app. Let us know in the XML-RPC discussion group if it worked or didn't.

Also, I hope out of this, we can identify individuals who are willing to
work on the code in various environments. Many of the implementations are
open source, so even if the original developer is no longer around, we can
still get the fixes in.

To SOAP developers, we'll do the same for SOAP 1.1 when we have our own code
working. Andre reports that it's going well, but it's slower than I had
hoped. Imho, this is a necessary tool regardless which format is used.

Dave Winer

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