Help Save Tom From The Seattle Web Design Show

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 15:05:26 PDT

Ill be at the web design show in seattle july 17th thru 21st. This is my
payback for being able to go to the OSS gig, for one lousy day no less,
last year. Yess the OSS show is on at the same time and while the
masterminds will be chessing it up in montery your humble narrator will be
stuck with a gagle of design wonks and photoshop(godfuckingbedamed if one
of them heard of The Gimp)dorks doing my besT TO TAKe Javascript track
dozes ...

Now the anyone else goign to be confined to this layer of hell
wITH me? perhaps your giving a speach? perhaps your just in the area and
want to meet up with a forker whos about to explode from being around half
wits and pixle twits. Maybe we can bunch up as a rude group a forkers and
make their heads ill by spreading rumpors that Adobe is being taken over
by an open source concern or that Ascii and content are comming back
into fad.

Hell, id even be into hanging out between conferences and getting bleary
on a pair of cold fiddys then going into the talk reved up with questions
like "yo, who you frionting with this javascript shit...smack you up with
python and word comming out your ugly assed head"

A boy can dream..anyway, let me know whose gonna be around. Fun times will
be had by all.

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