Re: Light Exceeds Its Own Speed Limit, or Does It?

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From: Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 18:38:10 PDT

There's really two completely different principles at stake:

a) Information can't travel faster than light, or causality is violated

b) Material objects can't be accelerated to the speed of light

How fast different phases of a wave travel is not such a big deal, if you
can't get information out of it. I'm sure everyone remembers E-P-R and
quantum entanglement of photons, right? Even if transluminal data was
available, if you can't interpret it without out-of-band information its not
really a message.

on 5/30/00 8:56 PM, Rohit Khare at wrote:

> At least one physicist, Dr. Guenter Nimtz [[umlaut over u]] of the
> University of Cologne, holds the opinion that a number of experiments,
> including those of the Italian group, have in fact sent information
> superluminally. But not even Dr. Nimtz believes that this trick would
> allow one to reach back in time. He says, in essence, that the time it
> takes to read any incoming information would fritter away any temporal
> advantage, making it impossible to signal back and change events in
> the past.

Ernest N. Prabhakar, Ph.D.

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