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From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 12:15:35 PDT

WorldOS is a framework for distributed applications similar to
Freenet or Gnutella. The recent announcement of a portal based
on Gnutella, Infrasearch, shows that there are a number of useful
tools that can be created using this new technology. The WorldOS
framework facilitates the creation of many more such tools.

The implementation is an application server with support for peer
routing. The design uses a new protocol distinguished by
pluggable transports, XML message content, and asynchronous
messaging. The protocol is lightweight and simple.

It may be possible to extend Gnutella and Freenet to do other
kinds of jobs, but I believe that they are flawed candidates for
general purpose work. WorldOS is comparable to a web server;
Gnutella/Freenet are comparable to applications with some code to
perform web communications as needed.

Though the architecture of the system is in place, the
implementation is raw.

WorldOS is free software under the terms of the Gnu General
Public License.

The homepage for the WorldOS project is at

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