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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 17:17:45 PDT

No no not a flametoss, a statement of reverence. MS-DOS was a stark almost
invisible thing that made Lotus 1-2-3 possible. Also, like MS-DOS Apache is
fast and works. Things that work. What a concept. So many things that people
bluster about don't do anything at all. I was in a panel discussion with a
VC earlier this week. I asked how many of the partnerships his companies
announce have any substance at all. He said 1-in-3, thinking he was showing
me to be an idiot. Can you imagine an industry where only 1/3 of the deals
have any substance. What about the other 2/3? Well, I'm rambling of course.
Apache is for real. It's complicated. It's virtually invisible. I never hear
VCs talking about Apache. Good stuff. Dave

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> On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Manoj Kasichainula wrote:
> --]On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 10:21:23AM -0700, Dave Winer wrote:
> --]> Apache.
> --]>
> --]> MS-DOS for the Web.
> --]
> --]Care to expand on that?
> --]
> This was either a faux flametoss
> or
> it might have been a tip of the hat to apache for being the cli behind the
> gui, teh all dancing all singing shit of the world that gets more use than
> a pixel twtichers pantone underoos at a photoshop conference.
> Yea
> Apache is to dos
> as IIS is to trsdos
> as Netscape Server is to CPM
> use use use, eating up the market share like yest thru a batch of new root
> beer making it clear that all others may hype on the pages but when it
> comes down to it, to do it, no other rages on dont take it wrong you could
> be a contender but if you claim props your a prentender walking to large
> youll be wrecking the barge on the dock of the bay cash burn not one more
> day where are you now behind the contractor plow how oh how is what youll
> be crying as apach is flyin tothe top and it wont stop
> or something like that:)-
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