distribution and persistence, ca. 1900

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From: Dave Long (dl@silcom.com)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 23:23:55 PDT

From Nature, 17 May 1900:
> We learn from the /Electrician/ that an instrument called the
> telephonograph, which is a modification of the phonograph, was
> recently inspected and tested by the German Postmaster-General and
> several engineers. Its inventor, Herr Paulsen, a Dane, has replaced
> the wax cylinder of the Edison phonograph by a steel band, and the
> style by a magnet energised by a telephone. Currents transmitted by
> the telephone pass through the electromagnet and create consequent
> poles on the steel band, and more or less the converse operation is
> employed for reproducing the sound. A long line can, of course,
> intervene between the transmitting telephone and the phonograph
> itself, and it is suggested that a telephone subscriber on leaving
> his office can set such a telephonograph to receive telephoned
> messages during his absence.


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