A university's anniversary; Linux challenge; idea's needed !

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From: Sandor Spruit (aspruit@acm.org)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 04:28:20 PDT


In about a year, the university I work for hopes to celebrate its
365th birthday (spring, 2001). Everyone associated with it has been
asked to come-up with special activities to make this a very special

A group of computer science people and Linux fanatics have launched an
initiative to build a 365 (!) machine Linux cluster and do all sorts
of parallel calculations with it. The hardware does not seem to be a
real problem; several departments have already promised to allocate
well over 200 machines - should this idea ever become a reality.

So, I'm looking for people with experience, knowledge and/or ideas in
this field. Suggestions and help anyone might be willing to offer is
most welcome !


ir A.G.L. Spruit,
Institute of information and computing sciences
Utrecht University, the Netherlands

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