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Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 05:03:44 PDT

Actually the guy called Ashok Jhunjhunwallah who is
spearheading the efforts is a respected professor from
IIT Madras and is working for the promotion of indigenization
of technologies. He has been working with WILL and DSL on
Cu for a while now... He has been reasonably successful
so far.

Moreover, the fact is that the railway stations are interconnected
for normal voice traffic thru quad Cu cable. As a matter of building in a
possible onfail crossover and to control the trains in future by some
means, there is also a spare cable (running parallel to the whole system)
which is *not at all* used. Ashok and friends want to make use of
this spare, to start with, to operate a railway based Internet backbone
n/w. And later, they are planning to factor in the spare capacity
of the railway's fibre optic n/w as also by laying fresh cables. The
spare cable will be used for high bit rate data link and WILL will / could
be used in hubs at railway stations etc. Actually it looks like an
elegant and pragmatic solution, political will permitting...

This much said, I dont think there is a risk associated with this
as the trans modes are not at all going to interfere with the existing
comm systems for the management of Indian railways...

But dont you think, it will be easier to 'train' our guys to use
the Internet this way? ;-)


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