iA Offers Free Evaluation of Smartcode Dynamic Syndication Server

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From: Roddy Young (press@zotgroup.com)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 08:01:46 PDT

For Immediate Release


     Sally Khudairi, Roderic Olvera Young
     ZOT Group

     Tom Dudchik
     Information Architects


Industry's First Real-Time XML/RDF Syndication Server Now Available

http://www.ia.com -- 7 June 2000 -- Information Architects (iA; NASDAQ:
IARC), the leading provider of real-time aggregation and syndication
solutions, today announced that a new release of its patented SmartCode
Dynamic Syndication Server (SDSS) is available for free 60-day trial. The
SmartCode Dynamic Syndication Server extends B2B and B2C capabilities by
allowing organizations to dynamically customize content and functionality
and distribute it in real time.

"Our free evaluation will give the market the opportunity to experience the
dramatic difference between real-time syndication and static syndication.
Real-time syndication gives a competitive edge to content and service
providers, helping them to attract new partners whom do not have to install
any software or be responsible for scheduled distributions of content.
Earlier syndication models simply published or streamed data without the
ability to dynamically customize information, and were only applicable to
content and not functionality," said Robert Gruder, CEO of iA.

SDSS is ideal for the following types of users:

* Businesses that make their information available either directly or
through personalization engines. For example, buying habits or purchasing
requirements could be established and used to control customization of

* Content and service providers that need to adjust look and feel of their
content for different partners or subscribers. For example, cobranding
relationships, or adjusting content of one site to the look and feel of

* End users that have specific requirements and do not want to view
unnecessary information.

"We believe SDSS can offer businesses a significant reduction in overhead
while gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace," added Gruder.

The SmartCode Dynamic Syndication Server is aimed at system administrators,
solutions architects, integrators and other IT professionals. Even though
the SDSS is technically sophisticated and is not intended for general
public, the new version is interactively configurable and eliminates
complex system integration requirements for most applications.
Organizations desiring to obtain the free 60-day trial can do so by
completing the registration form at http://www.ia.com

iA (NASDAQ: IARC) offers real-time data aggregation and syndication
solutions for the web through its patented SmartCode suite of products.
SmartCode provides simultaneous data aggregation and syndication from
multiple data sources and displays the collected data as a single seamless
view. SmartCode enhances the overall user experience, promoting site
stickiness and loyalty while reducing IT overhead. Further information
about iA is available at http://www.ia.com


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