Re: National Sign-On Letter to House on H-1Bs, U.S. Immigration

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From: Rafe Colburn (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 06:36:08 PDT

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 05:14:34AM -0500, Adam L. Beberg wrote:
> some hiring rules for writing non-crap software:
> [or, why I'll never win]
> 1. Degree + 8 years in the field (may overlap).

 Do you know where to find these people? Whenever I post a job, they
never seem to call.

> 2. Programming experience _before_ college.

 This is a good idea, I may start asking people about this when they
come in to interview.
> 3. Knows the theory underlying the role they have. If they touch a
> database they better know what BCNF is.

 Again, do you know a lot of these people who are looking for jobs?

> 4. Experience with quality control methods, code review, etc.

 I think your better bet here is to invest time and effort into training
people on real software engineering process. I've met lots of very
talented programmers who don't know anything about software engineering,
I wouldn't want to discount them all for that reason. I wouldn't hire
anyone who didn't see the value in these processes, but not being
experienced with them is no disqualifier, in my opinion.


-- Daily

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