Re: National Sign-On Letter to House on H-1Bs, U.S. Immigration

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From: Norm Matloff (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:43:56 PDT

Joe wrote to someone (I don't recall who)

   I don't consider anybody resorting to personal attacks worthy of my

He now says:

> Of course, Mr. Matloff Cc'ed his original answer to everyone on his
> list of anti-immigration advocates.

That sounds pretty _ad hominem_ to me, Joe, attacking both me and the
people I cc-ed.

Joe, let's keep in mind that the only reason I am part of this e-mail
exchange is that you cc-ed *me*. Prior to your cc-ing me, I was not
a participant in the exchange.

I do maintain an e-mail list on the age discrimination/H-1B topic. It's
a lot larger than the few you see here, by the way, and it includes a
a lot of immigrants who have experienced the problems I have been
talking about.

> Just a consideration: maybe recruiting at UCD is down because the people
> already have jobs.

No. According to our Internship and Career Center, fewer have job
offers now than at the same time last year.

> It is known that all US universities have problems getting graduate students
> because of the worker shortage.

This was true in the early 1990s, when there was no alleged worker

People don't go to grad school because there is no incentive for them
to do so. They are making very rational decisions.

> And why is the fact that a CEO said that they screen people something
> newsworthy? This happens all the time, in all industries. People apply for
> jobs they don't have the qualifications for, and they are screened out
> during the process.

If an employer were desperate to hire programmers (which is what they
claim), they would not reject experienced programmers without even an


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