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From: Eric D. Sherman (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 15:44:42 PDT

I note that German industry is trying to start its own little H1B-type
program. I wonder what Joachim's view will be in ten years, when he'll
either be (1) an American resident displaced by a new H1B because he's too
old, or (2) a German repatriate displaced by an H1B in Germany's H1B
program, in his own home town.

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Dear CC: List:

This exchange reminds me of a some emails that were posted in 1995 by a
fellow originally
from India who was posting from another country to YSN. This Indian fellow
resorted to calling
me names like "racist" when I suggested that his interest in immigrating to
the U.S. was
driven by economic interests. Simply put, he could make more money in
America than
he was earning in India. On a micro scale, he desired the benefits of
working in America.
However, he was indifferent to the fact that he was displacing a slightly
older American citizen
scientist or engineer. However, in 1992, Richard F. Tax noted "Today's
Immigrant is Tomorrow's
Victim." Employer age discrimination is wonderful only while the person
displacing a slightly
older person is young. I note that Joachim is silent regarding employer age

And the "shout names and run" characteristic of the fellow from India was
commented on by
another YSN contributor who noted that it was the academic equivalent of
placing a
stink bomb in a lecture hall.

Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D. A BrainSaver in Dallas, Texas

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Subject: Joachim Feise

Dear CC: list

Since Joachim has such strong feelings about this, I performed a bit of
research on the web. Here is what I learned:

Feise.txt from this url.

Who I am and what I do:

Occupation: Software Engineer at Eagle Creek Systems,
Inc., Fallbrook, CA, a Microsoft Solution Provider

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 1997

Education: Diplom-Informatik Degree, TU Berlin, Germany, 1993 (equivalent
to Master's Degree in Computer Science)

Master's Degree in Information and Computer Science, University of
California, Irvine, 1998

Graduate Student in Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine
(seeking a Ph.D.)

Also a private aircraft pilot.

I will leave it to those reading this message to draw inferences regarding
the likely
immigration status of Joachim. Such inferences could help to explain his
The final note suggests something regarding Joachim's economic class. When
my wife checked into becoming a private pilot, she found it to be very

Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D. A BrainSaver in Dallas, Texas

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