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From: Lord Slug (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 18:02:55 PDT

Gene A. Nelson,

You have posted another person's private information to a public forum.
Your conduct is deserving of scorn in its McCarthy-esque tendencies. As a
conservative, I am ashamed of your behaviour. In just reply, according to
your own precedent, I looked into it myself briefly. See, web searches are

Your statements to our elected representatives are recorded here as public

Your own professed history is posted here:

Your personal information, as posted at that URL, are out of date. The home
phone number you list is registered to a Linda Nelson, probably one of your
(at least two) ex-wives. Her information is:
Linda Nelson
1820 E Peters Colony Rd
Carrollton, TX 75007
Phone: (972) 394 - 3880
The business and fax phone numbers are not currently in service. I have no
desire at this time to search further for your current whereabouts or

You have spent at least the last 8 years in your crusade, including some
time as a member of the "Young Scientists Network", which professes to the
same cause of exposing the fraud of shortage. I admire your dedication. I
have, as yet, not formed any opinion on the point of H1B visas and
immigration as it relates to the American workforce. I do, however, take
issue with the manner in which you have chosen to deal with your opponents.
Please kindly consider this a gentle reminder that no matter what the
ideology, respect is in order when engaging in public debate. Please

If you wish to discuss this further, you may contact me privately at this

Lord Slug the Heavyhanded
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