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From: Danny O'Brien (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 06:18:13 PDT

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 05:22:39PM -0500, Gene A. Nelson wrote:
> Dear CC: list
> Since Joachim has such strong feelings about this, I performed a bit of
> research on the web. Here is what I learned:
> I will leave it to those reading this message to draw inferences regarding the likely
> immigration status of Joachim. Such inferences could help to explain his perspective.
> The final note suggests something regarding Joachim's economic class. When
> my wife checked into becoming a private pilot, she found it to be very expensive.
> Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D. A BrainSaver in Dallas, Texas

Geez. Wait til he finds out I'm Vice-President of the Trilateral Commission.

in my job, i get bcc:'d *everybody*'s mail

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