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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 10:36:43 PDT

Ballmer's on drugs. Reminds me of the democrats in the House telling us if
Clinton were impeached the stock market would crash. Syllogistic silliness.


Does anyone know what became of Rocket Rick after he was absorbed by MSFT?
Personally, I think he's the kiss of death. :-) (I don't use his last name
in case he's ego surfing.)

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> Ballmer: The ruling would mean higher prices.
 Of course, he doesn't explain why.
 Just a try to scare people into supporting M$.
 I agree with some of the comments, though, since instead of one
 monopoly we would get two. A three-way split would have made more
 sense to me.
> It was the David Palmer quote that spoke to me, however.
 "But somehow his 'company-speak' resulted in me losing the will to live, so I
 turned him off and had a scotch instead."

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