CDPD experience?, Ricochet SE modem for sale

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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 11:07:40 PDT

I noticed that the AT&T CDPD unlimited usage rate ($54.99/mo or as low as
$8/mo. + $0.055/min) has reasonable terms and I can buy old transeivers
inexpensively. It appears that most areas I would want access are covered by
the unlimited time, except DC where I don't need it that much anyway. Areas
like DC are covered by another company that causes per-minute charges.
Although the bandwidth is meager (19.2Kbs), the coverage is great and the
price is adequate.

Does anyone have good experience with these?

For Sale:

I have a Ricochet SE modem that I seldom use that I'd be happy to sell to
someone in a covered area (Seattle, SF/SJ valley, Wall Street, or DC (a bit
closer than I live)). In downtown SF I have had as much as 5.1K bytes/sec.
transfer on compressed data. Latency is very high (300ms on the East Coast,
less on the West Coast) but throughput is usually reasonable, 2-3K/sec.


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