PKI and online payments.

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From: Adam L. Beberg (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 03:55:56 PDT

"Marketplace operators, security software vendors, and financial
institutions are working to automate authentication and payment
processes so that secure transactions can happen online."


The PKI market is already fragmenting like crazy. incompatable
standards, warring companies, and a digital signature bill about to pass
congress making them legalaly binding but not giving any kind of
unpatented standards people are forced to use so we can all get along
without getting charged for the latest bogoPatent.

This is gonna get ugly, very very ugly. Which means we're all screwed.
You know you'll need to have one to use each system becasue it's a GREAT
way to lock in customers and charge them more. You'll end up needing 50
different keys at 10$/year each, all of which will get nabbed by the
next Microsoft ActiveVirus outbreak because at best 1% of people can
understand (or care) how to use the stuff safely.

- Adam L. Beberg
  Mithral Communications & Design, Inc.
  The Cosm Project - -

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