Re: How about we stop CC'ing everything but FoRK? Re: Please Stop Cc'ing FoRK! [ RE: National Sign-On Letter to House on H-1Bs, U.S. , Immigration ]

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Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 14:38:10 PDT

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> The last several messages on this topic were written by native FoRKers. Is
> there a problem with this?
> Seems like a reasonable topic for this group of people since we're all
> involved in hiring or being hired (sometimes both at the same time it seems)
> or immigrating or helping someone immigrate or worrying about being
> over-immigrated back to blue-collar status.

Reasonable topic, unreasonable people. CC anyone you like, except them.

> I always group-reply to mailing list messages.

I always trim headers and mailing lists. My mommy taught me that was polite.

> As I believe Rohit has mentioned, deleting and filtering isn't that hard.

Yep. *plonk*


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