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From: Ken Meltsner (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 06:10:00 PDT

OK, excuse my ignorance but aren't Zaplets nothing more than emailed HTML
pointing at applets stored at "Zaplet Central."? The entire business
model is nothing more than "people will use us to send pointers to real
content that we'll serve"?

Underwhelming, to say the least. They could have done it with


Mark Baker wrote:

> Baratz & Zaplets, a match made in heaven.
> These guys were at JavaOne, and had an unbelievably lame booth showing
> absolutely nothing of interest. Did anybody here try their
> JavaOne-schedule emailer? More lameness - I asked it to send me my
> schedule, and I got somebody else's schedule instead.
> Former Sun exec Baratz joins
> startup
> June 11, 2000
> by Adam Feuerstein
> Alan Baratz, the former high-profile Sun
> Microsystems executive, is taking the CEO
> post at a Silicon Valley Internet startup backed
> by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
> Baratz, known for his executive stewardship of
> the Java computer language while at Sun
> (SUNW), will join FireDrop Inc. on July 10,
> after some persistent lobbying from Vinod
> Khosla, the celebrated Kleiner partner in charge
> of the firm's FireDrop investment.
> "At first, I met with the FireDrop team only to get
> Vinod off my phone," Baratz says, jokingly. "I'm
> glad I did, because I've never seen anything as
> cool as the FireDrop technology. This is the most
> compelling thing I've seen since Java."
> Instant sharing
> FireDrop has created a new group
> communications platform that it calls Zaplets. A
> hybrid of email, Web page and instant
> messaging, Zaplets transforms once-static email
> into a "live" website where groups of people can
> share opinions, photos, information or messages.
> [snip]
> MB

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