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From: Linda (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 10:44:57 PDT

Colin Coller wrote:

<<I wonder if there are any (serious) intelligence tests that would
useful qualities in potential employees who don't necessarily have
education or experience in certain areas...>>

I often get well over a hundred resumes to sort through when I'm hiring
for our
clinic. Since I don't have time to interview more than the top 10 or
over the years I've tried all different ways to screen out for those
worth interviewing.
What I do now is ask applicants to reply in writing with a resume, 3
references and a brief
hand-written letter (purposefully left open-ended). Any that don't
submit all three
are discarded. What's most helpful is the quality and content of the
hand-written letters.
The effort put into those letters gives me a sense of the sort of person
I'm dealing with and
helps to screen out for original thinkers.

I've also found checking references not a particularly productive use of
time. During the
interview I ask a lot of open-ended questions that probably make them
squirm a bit,
but their reaction is helpful because the positions I'm trying to fill
usually involve
some degree of stress. I find I can make my decision fairly quickly
into the interview
based on this.


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