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From: Joachim Feise (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 12:46:56 PDT

They fall like ripe apples these days: is shutting its e-commerce doors, the company announced today, making it
the latest online property hit by this spring's market downturn.'s online site will continue to provide content on movies, but future
orders will be directed to a competitor.


Antoun Nabhan wrote:
> Today's <> about the demise of I think they were
> the site that hosted the crime statistics by neighborhood, which was a
> nifty tool for all of us mobile types who have to rent apartments sight
> unseen in cities we've never lived in.
> The story of their demise is in the mold: Spend way too much on
> advertising and use that as your primary mechanism of customer acquisition,
> then fail to get that much revenue back from your eyeballs. When big
> ad-firm invoices start to look like recurring costs of goods sold instead
> of one-time sales, general, and administrative costs, you've got a problem.
> I'm not saying it's easy to succeed with a startup, but there are some
> failure modes that are easily foreseeable!
> --Antoun
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> means to suppress them." - Eric Raymond

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