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From: Linda (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 12:04:08 PDT

Stephen D. Williams wrote:

<<Good idea, although I wouldn't insist on hand-written vs. typed for a techie.>>

I ask for this to ensure that some effort has to be put into their application, meaning
they are seriously interested and worth my time to interview. But you're right, the sort
of person I would be looking for might differ because a fair bit more human interaction
is probably required in a medical practice.

<< Screen out or in? 'Screen out' seems to override the 'screen ... for' in my
parsing of that. ;-) Sorry to be pedantic.>>

Okay, you got me there! Just screen, it is.

<< Of course you may not want original thinkers who are too original while being
too inexperienced in the medical field. >>

That's true, but what I want are staff that are resourceful and able to problem
solve to some degree on their own. We definitely set guidelines as to what they are and
aren't able to advise patients on, but a little independent thinking on their part allows us
to work without constant interruption. They have to be able to triage the urgent problems and
do so without panicking (at least not in front of the patient!)


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