I-D; UUCP project conclusion

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From: Mark Baker (mark.baker@canada.sun.com)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 10:30:18 PDT

I'm feeling nostalgic. I was "tsltor!markb" from 92-94, and we ran mail
and news feeds out to some Torontonians without my management knowing.
Ah yes, Gopher via email over UUCP, those were the days.

Funny how we never had trouble using the system without a namespace
mechanism. We had name collisions, and the world didn't fall apart.
Names were only meaningful relative to other names, not in some global

UUCP is dead. Long live UUCP!


Motivation for This Memo

   The UUCP Mapping Project started in the early 1980s as a means to
   facilitate the exchange of electronic mail among sites using the UUCP
   store-and-forward transport mechanism. This software, originally
   part of the UNIX operating system became available on a variety of
   operating systems and platforms, from large mainframe to small home
   PC's. This was done by creating a single database of systems
   connected to each other via UUCP and then using path building
   software (such as pathalias) to determine the optimal path from one
   system to another. Email addresses using this system incorporated the
   use of the path as part of the address.

   With the evolution of the Internet into mainstream use, the use of
   UUCP for the exchange of electronic mail has been significantly
   reduced. Today, UUCP is primarily used to link systems that are not
   on the Internet to a nearby system that is connected. By use of mail
   exchange resource records in the domain name system, these off-net
   systems can use the now-standard Internet email address format.


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