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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 22:26:01 PDT

So now that JavaOne is over, the awards came out; See snide
comments below. /gab

> Best Java IDE
> JBuilder3 (Inprise Borland)
> JBuilder3 leverages Inprise Borland's experience in
> component-based development, database
> connectivity, and middleware. It has a mature, stable
> code base, fast execution speeds on some features,
> and excellent database integration tools.

I still prefer Symantec Cafe over JBuilder; vi over and IDE.

> Best Team Development Tool
> GDPro 4.0 (Advanced Software Technologies)
> GDPro is a UML visual modeling tool that enables
> development teams: from large-scale Fortune 500
> developers to the small developer who wants easily
> accessible technology to model software applications.
I find it hard to get steamed up about UML visual modeling
tools. Argo is at least free and open source.

> Best Java Application Server
> BEA WebLogic Server version 5.1 (BEA
> Systems)
> BEA WebLogic Server is a JavaTM technology-based
> application server platform for developing, deploying,
> and managing sophisticated Web applications based
> on enterprise Java technology open standards.

Application server is just another word for "we can' tcompete in any
other category." TIBCO kicks their butt, although I have to give
them credit for best creative use of the word m-commerce in a flashy kiosk demo.

> Best Developer Productivity Tool
> InstallShield Java Edition 3.0 (InstallShield
> Software)
> For corporate developers, server-side Java
> technology developers, and ISVs that create
> multi-platform installations (including Windows),
> InstallShield Java Edition 3.0 creates an easy and
> familiar installation experience for end-users on
> UnixTM-based applications.

Oh yeah, I lost weeks of productivity on this thing before dumping
it for all the terrible, but more livable problems of ZeroG and their
new round of $15M in VC.

> Best Java Testing Tool
> JProbe Profiler and JProbe Memory Debugger
> 2.5 (KL Group)
> KL Group's JProbe Profiler and JProbe Memory
> Debugger help quickly eliminate performance
> bottlenecks and memory leaks in Java code, providing
> accurate diagnostics, including line-by-line results, on
> both performance and memory usage.

Metamata kicks their butt.

> Best Java Class Library
> JClass Enterprise Suite 4.0.1 (KL Group)
> KL Group's JClass Enterprise Suite is a set of
> data-bound JavaBeansTM components. It includes
> JClass LiveTable, JClass Chart, JClass Field, JClass
> HiGrid, JClass DataSource, JClass SwingSuite, and
> JClass JarMaster in one, easy-to-install package with
> Gold Support and Subscription.

Good stuff, but do people really pay for components?

> Best Java Middleware Product
> BEA WebLogic Enterprise 5.0 (BEA Systems)
> BEA WebLogic Enterprise offers a flexible
> development environment that features
> component-based development, simplified
> deployment, reliable transaction management, and
> rigorous support for enterprise Java technologies,
> CORBA, and industry standards.

So what do they offer that you can't already build with JTS and JMS?

> Best Embedded Java Product
> JWorks 3.0.2 + TurboJ 1.2 (Wind River Systems)
> Personal J Works implement the PersonalJavaTM
> platform 3.0.2 API on Wind River's real-time
> operating system, VxWorks, and is certified for full
> compatibility.

Very awesome. Wind River's VxWorks+Personal J Works is a great
combination & this is what Tadpole's Java Slate runs on (which
won Best Java mobile/wireless application -- see below).

> Best Java Bean or Component
> BEA WebLogic Commerce Server version 2.0
> (BEA Systems)
> BEA WebLogic Commerce Server provides prebuilt,
> pretested components for business functions that can
> be combined and customized to rapidly assemble
> adaptable and personalized e-commerce applications
> that accelerate response time to customer and market
> demands.

...and RedHat Commerce server doesn't do that already?

> Best Java Application
> iPlanetTM Application Server, Process Automation
> Edition (Netscape/Sun Alliance)
> iPlanet Netscape Application Server, Process
> Automation Edition is a comprehensive Web-based
> solution for designing, deploying, managing, and
> participating in automated business processes such as
> claims management, customer self service, and order
> fulfillment.

If it's one thing I've learned being a process person for
so long, people can't stand it.

> Best Java Messaging Tool
> Progress SonicMQ 2000 version 2000.1
> (Progress Software Corp)
> Progress SonicMQ is a messaging server for
> integrating distributed enterprise applications and
> building e-commerce business solutions based on the
> Java Message Service specification.

XML-messaging tool to be exact. Who'd have thought you could
make a mint sending XML around to other installations and calling
it a message. We talked to these guys--we've been trying to get
them interested in what we're doing for years.

> Most Innovative Java Product
> Together Enterprise 3.2 (TogetherSoft
> Corporation)
>Together Enterprise is a team development management
> tool. It provides simultaneous round-trip engineering
> (for Java, EJBTM, C++, and JDBCTM), multiuser team
> development., multilevel documentation generation; a
> pattern maker with modeling components; customizable
> metrics checking and likely-error audits, and a UML
> 1.3 custom diagram definer.

Rountrip Java is cool, but the collaborative
CVS stuff, metrics checking, and other aspects are
checkboxes they need. Their support for HP's e-Speak plugin
is a complete fabrication.

> Best Java Virtual Machine
> Sun VM (Sun Microsystems)
> The Sun Java VM enables developers to create
> cross-platform applets and applications, functioning as
> an abstract computing machine that provides an
> insulation layer between Java technology-based
> applications and the native system.

Best meaning smoothest thread implementation and least amount
of unexpected, unreproducible behaviors.

> Best Graphics/Multimedia Development
> JLoox 1.2 (Loox Software)
> Based on Java2DTM, JLOOX provides a high-level
> Java API that offers high performance and productivity
> gains for developers of graphics intensive Swing
> applications.

Java2d is cool. JavaGL is better.

> Best Debugging Tool
> JProbe Profiler and JProbe Memory Debugger 2.5
> (KL Group)
> KL Group's JProbe Profiler and JProbe Memory
> Debugger help quickly eliminate performance
> bottlenecks and memory leaks in Java code, providing
> accurate diagnostics, including line-by-line results, on
>both performance and memory usage.

Metamata still kicks their ass. Actually, I never knew Java
could have memory leaks until just last week when I encountered
a really nasty one in 1.2.2.

> Best Database Product
> Winner: Objectivity/DB 5.2 (Objectivity, Inc.)
> Objectivity/DB is a distributed, scalable object
> database with a rich set of development and
> administration tools, as well as ODMG-compliant
> programming interfaces for Java technology , C++,
> Smalltalk, and SQL (ODBC), and support for multiple
> hardware platforms.

Wrong. Pointbase...duh.

>Best Java-Driven Web site
> Online delivery of software components, developer
>tools and other products.

Whatever happened to

> Best Java Enterprise Application

> Charles Schwab
>A Java technology-based infrastructure for online and
> institutional trading applications. Codexa Data Services
>-- a financial analysis application service provider.

Yet another financial java app. I think the Dinning philosopher Pacmen
was the alltime greatest Java App and it makes a great analogy for
the VC market.

> iMedeon (iM:Work) Web-based Mobile Workforce
> Management Systems

Oooo, mobile business rules.

>Best use of EJBs
>Project Achieve
> An ASP serving schools, providing student progress
>tracking on the Web, built with EJB technology

Hmmm. Sounds suspiciously like another learning app. I
clicked on the site and it scared the hell out of me
after opening up 5 full screen windows.

> Best Java E-Commerce Application
> Cisco Systems Capital
> An electronic commerce site for purchase of Cisco's
> networking hardware.

I'd like them better if they gave me some free hardware
for testing.

>Best Java Client
> Freeback
>A Java technology-based Web interface to a free
>Internet file backup and storage service.

Yes, but what's their revenue model?

> Best Java mobile/wireless application

> Home Depot
> An in-store mobile ordering application, which allows
>associates to put together orders for customers from the
> floor.
They don't let the customers do it themselves as they'd
probably look up Home Base's prices while they were in-store.

> Best non-profit/social action use of Java technology
> National Center for Missing and Exploited
> Children
> NCMEC has implemented the Java platform as the
> standard for most of its strategic information systems,
> enabling internal staff as well as the public and law
> enforcement community to access NCMEC systems,
>regardless of their platform.

Interactive milk cartons.

>Java Community Award winners
> Outstanding Individual contribution to the Java
> community
> David Megginson, leader of the SAX for Java project,
> the widely-adopted XML API for the Java platform

Woohoo. Java and XML--the future of the Web--or so Bosak says.

> Outstanding Team Contribution
> For the port of the Java VM to Linux

How sad. "Sun stole my code and all I got was this lousy award." 8-)


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