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From: Yak Wax (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 11:34:58 PDT

Jeff Bone extrapolated:

> "...And filters are replacing gatekeepers. In a
> world where we can get anything we want, whenever we
> want it, how does a company create value? By
> filtering. In a world without friction, the only
> friction people value is editing. A filter is
> valuable when it understands the needs of both
> artists and the public. New companies should be
> conduits between [content producers] and their
> [audiences.]"
> I'm having this really weird "Courtney
> Love-as-Marshall McLuhan" vibe...

The only problem is, you can't even make money from
being a filter. Filtering is just creating new
information - new *frictionless* information.

She also mentioned micro-payments. It's important to
remember that *right now I can get music, movies, and
software for free and nobody can do anything to stop
me* - micro-payments are voluntary.


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