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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 13:21:37 PDT

Yak Wax wrote:

> Jeff Bone extrapolated:
> ...
> The only problem is, you can't even make money from
> being a filter. Filtering is just creating new
> information - new *frictionless* information.

You can can build high-traffic websites (, publications (zillions
of magazines), and copyrighted compilations (The Onion books, Linux How-To

> She also mentioned micro-payments. It's important to
> remember that *right now I can get music, movies, and
> software for free and nobody can do anything to stop
> me* - micro-payments are voluntary.

The tip model was cool. I can see great extrapolations of that. It's a
possible partial end-run around distributors/loansharks also. Frequently,
billing (long distance bills) and mechanisms to create a chain-of-sale (i.e.
record companies/distribution) dominate the cost component of a fee.
Voluntary micro-payments (charity, tips to artists or open source projects)
would be cool.

Everyone could establish an Internet budget that was automatically partitioned
to those that weren't charging by other means based on usage and benefit
(whether you liked it).

> --Wax


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