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From: Lorin Rivers (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 21:06:07 PDT

>Er, this is not a headhunting mailing list. At least some perfunctory
>excuses are necessary, or at least some humour.

   Oh, sorry!

Let's see. Hmmmm.

There's this programmer, walking down the path. Gee, I wonder if
                                                         he knows C++?

He hears this tiny voice and he looks down Or the Win32
                                                         Platform SDK?

He sees this frog looking up at him You know what
                                                         would be really

The frog says, "Hey! I'm a beautiful Princess!" If he had 5+ years
                                                         of OOP programming

It continues, "I was turned into a frog by an And 3+ years
evil Sorcerer!" experience with
                                                         Win32 (but not

And "If you kiss me, the spell will be broken!" What if he had
                                                         worked on a team
                                                         of professionals

The programmer says, "Hmmm." He picks up the I wonder if he
frog and puts her in his pocket. went to college?

He walks on for a bit, and the frog says, "Hey!" It'd be great if he
                                                         had a B.S. in
                                                         Computer Science

The programmer takes the frog out of his pocket Even better, an
and looks at it. She says, "I told you I'd turn M.S.!
into a beautiful Princess if you'd kiss me!"

The programmer says, "Hmmm." He puts her back in He seemed kind of
his pocket and keeps walking. smart at first...

The frog says, "Hey!" again, and again, our I wish we could find
hero takes her out of his pocket . a programmer with a

She says, "I wasn't kidding about the beautiful Even better, all
Princess part! I'll do whatever you want, if you that and a startup
will only kiss me and break this spell!" under his belt...

The programmer says, "Hmmm." He puts her back in Seems like a sweet
his pocket and keeps walking. deal to me...

The frog says, "Hey! again" and one more time, Mmmmmm, Princesses.
out with the frog.

"Look, this is getting old. Kiss me and I'll do Maybe he's gay...
ANYTHING you want AND I'll be your girlfriend" not that there's
                                                         anything wrong with

He puts her back in his pocket. She's Diversity is good!

She says, "What're you? GAY!??" See! It's not just

"No! Not that there's anything wrong with that," If he wanted a job,
says the programmer. "I'm too busy for a he should send an
girlfriend, but a talking frog is really neat!" email to

Is that better?


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