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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 15:40:49 PDT

One thing I wonder is whether it would make sense to create a FoRK list
maintainers subgroup, for people who can maintain the machine (i.e., have
physical proximity), but more importantly for people who want to work on the
FoRK mailing list software/infrastructure itself. It seems that some FoRKs
are interested in doing this, but are hampered by the fact that Xent right
now is a non-mainstream OS, and, more importantly, can really only be
maintained by Rohit. I think opening this up would be a good idea (assuming
anyone would want to work on FoRK infrastructure in this way).

For example, I would love it if someone would alter the FoRK archives to go
grab and cache any links to articles in FoRK email messages), adding the
cached link address to the archived email message in some way. Too many old
FoRK messages have lost their value because they are reactions to bits on
Web pages that have 404ed.

- Jim

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> The mailing list will be moved. Really soon. Just not yet.
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