Did something yesterday I have ALWAYS wanted to do!

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From: Lorin Rivers (lrivers@realsoftware.com)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 15:12:25 PDT

I was driving to work, and I saw this "save the earth" festooned
Subaru ahead of me. I was raised by shameless hippies, and I love the
earth too, so I'm cool with that. Then he stopped at a red light.
When it changed, I saw a huge cloud of smoke pour out of the exhaust.
Every time Mr. Save the Earth pressed the gas (he's a lead-foot too)
he'd leave choking clouds of exhaust in his wake. I've seen this
pattern before...

It so happened that we ended up side by side at the next light.

I am a large man with a buzz cut. It's a hairstyle I adopted "back in
the day" when I was a punk rock. Back then, I knew many people who
weird on the outside and normal on the inside. Me, I was weird
through-and-through. Now I'm only weird on the inside. Except for my
size, you would never pick me out of a crowd. That said, I look as if
I could be a cop or Marine or a scary redneck. As if.

I said "hey man!" and Mr. Dreadlocks eyes got big as he rolled down the window.

"I noticed all the 'I love the planet' stickers and what not, and if
you really loved the earth, you'd get you car fixed."

"Really, Dude? I just got my car fixed!"

"Yes, blah-blah-blah, you need a new top end."

The light changed, I threw down a phat peace-sign, and I motored off.
I think I made the world a better place...

Don't forget your Pop this weekend! And if you are a Pop, have a
great Father's day!


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