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From: Max Dunn (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 23:48:08 PDT


I'm Max Dunn, and I joined FoRK and like the list.

I'm a programmer working for a tiny typesetting/data branch of the
publishing giant Bertelsmann, programming for typesetting and web sites
and recently managing programmers. Strange to manage instead of
program, it has become impossible for me to keep learning as much as I'd
like, but at the same time it's cool to hire people better than me at
every aspect of this stuff.

I like XML and particularly Java/XML, especially XML data binding (i.e.
mapping XML DTDs to Classes like the stuff Mark Reinhold is doing at

Sociologically, nothing is more interesting to me than the dead and
dying dot coms. I wonder what is it inside me that makes me happy to
see them die. Maybe it's that they seem like the just deserts to some
greedy fools. Or maybe it's relief that the economy of this country is
apparently so resilient that despite massive capital flow into hundreds
of short lived enterprises that produce nothing of value, business is
still booming.

Thanks Rohit for letting me lurk here,

Max Dunn
Bertelsmann Industry Services

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