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From: Jeffrey Kay (jkay@ENGENIA.COM)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 12:56:19 PDT

Hi Stephen --

We surely haven't chatted in a while. Unfortunately, I won't be in the
building on the 26th -- I'll be off to PCExpo in NY. If you happen to be
there, drop by Intel's booth -- that's where we'll be. We should definitely
catch up, though -- we haven't talked in a while.

Besides, who was up early? I hadn't gone to sleep yet when I wrote that
note! The life of a pre-IPO startup ...

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Jeffrey Kay wrote:

> This must be the hot late night chat topic!

I've met with Jeffery a couple times several months ago. I really like what
they are doing. Although I would have made certain decisions differently, I
don't really have any major problems with their approach. I certainly would
greatly prefer Unity to something like Lotus Notes, which I believe is the
whole point.

At least it doesn't use VB! ;-)

> Greg -- thanks for the intro! Ken, I don't believe that we've met before.
> Are you in the DC area?
> ...

I don't believe there are many FoRKers in the DC area and only a few on the
East Coast. Who else wakes up early?

PS Jeff: Maybe I'll see you at the reception on the 26th in your building?


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