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From: Arthur S. Hitomi (ahitomi@ics.uci.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 20:55:38 PDT

..and a quote from Rohit too.

Web IT, WAP IT, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace - Tadpole Extends Technology
for WAP phones and Web-Enabled devices

M-business leader's Endeavors Technology business unit releases new,
real-world web software for WAP phones and web-enabled devices

Cambridge and Carlsbad (CA), June 21, 2000 - "It's a new and better way
for the growing population of WAP-enabled phone users and web-enabled
devices to do business on the move," says Bernard Hulme, group chief
executive of mobile business computing specialist, Tadpole Technology

He adds: "MagiWAP(tm) software transforms the mobile phone into a smart
remote controller that can access, read, move, fax, or print documents
stored on a desktop, laptop, or palmtop, whatever their location,
without first downloading data or documents to the device."

Hulme's comments followed the announcement that Endeavors Technology,
Inc., Tadpole's recently acquired web technology software business unit,
had today launched the second release of its innovative open source
Magi(tm) tool suite. Called MagiWAP(tm), it joins Endeavors' authoring
plugin, MagiDAV(tm).

The latest software extends Magi architecture to WAP-enabled mobile
phones. For the first time, they can be used as a remote control device
to fax a business letter from a distant home PC to a customer, or to
print a business plan located on a trusted co-worker's PC to any
networked printer. MagiWAP also allows mobile phone users to read and
check the contents of a quotation on their office PCs, to then email it
to a customer, or to move a proposal from a home PC to a trusted
co-worker's PC in their office - all accomplished via any number of
commercially available WAP phones, without having to sign on to an
intermediate service, and without the document having to be downloaded
to or from the phone.

" MagiWAP(tm) blazes a trail towards the next generation of mobile Web
applications." says Rohit Khare, CEO of KnowNow, Inc. and 4K Associate

Tom Arkwright of Sun Microsystems adds, "MagiWAP(tm) fulfills the Java
promise by unifying a vast world of cooperating devices where documents
and data are manipulated anywhere, anytime, on any device."

Forrester predicts there will be 41 million mobile Internet users in the
UK alone by 2005. More than two-thirds will have multiple
Internet-enabled devices - handhelds, desktop computers, Internet TVs,
and portable computers, for example. Endeavors' MagiDAV(tm) technology
gives the web-enabled population controlled, two-way Internet access to
documents on all disparate Internet devices, as well as to documents on
devices of trusted workgroups.

MagiWAP(tm) takes MagiDAV(tm) a stage further and gives real-time,
up-to-date access to all business data, or that of trusted colleagues,
from a WAP phone (or from Magi-enabled computers or laptops), wherever
it's located -- and the technology to move it to the right hands -
whether beside your computer, away from your desk, or on the other side
of the world where your documents are located.

Instead of just using WAP phones to read public broadcast information,
such as stock prices, weather, business news, and sports scores,
MagiWAP(tm) allows phone users to securely obtain "private broadcast
information" - business plans, price lists, research documents,
quotations - as well as those of colleagues within a trusted workgroup.
It allows the mobile user to read, move, email, fax, or print these
documents, all from a WAP phone.

The latest Magi release is now available on-line, and can be downloaded
freely from website http://magi.endeavors.org/

About Magi

Magi(tm) is a global, open source initiative for developers building and
deploying Internet-scale, business-to-business applications and is based
on such web standards as the Apache Web Server, Web Distributed
Authoring and Versioning protocol (WebDAV), XML, JAVA and HTTP. With
Microsoft Office 2000(tm) being WebDAV-enabled, a practical example of
MagiDAV's power is its ability to provide any Microsoft Office 2000 user
with the ability to read, write and publish directly to or from a
variety of locations (home, office, or on the move), and now also from a
mobile phone.

Endeavors' MagiDAV architecture addresses the mounting problem of
managing and processing uncoordinated, unsynchronized information
scattered randomly on web-enabled devices. It allows an individual to
get at and work on any information held within that individual's desktop
computer, laptop computer, or palmtop handheld device from any online
remote wireless web-enabled device, anywhere. Once that information has
been worked upon, the individual can also share it, simply, directly and
dynamically, with defined groups of colleagues or collaborators,
identified as "buddies", without needing intermediate servers or
services requiring time consuming and complex interactions.

About Endeavors Technology

Endeavors Technology, Inc., acquired by Tadpole in March 2000, was
founded in 1998 out of research undertaken at the University of
California, Irvine, into the use of the World Wide Web to support wide
area wireless e-processes and e-services across mobile workforces and
multiple organizations. Endeavors' founders and technical advisory board
have an unrivalled pedigree in developing Internet infrastructure having
co-authored many of the Web's most commonly used protocols and software.

About Tadpole

Tadpole Technology plc (www.tadpole.com) is a listed company on the
London Stock Exchange (EPIC-TAD) with plants and offices in Cambridge,
Edinburgh, Bristol (UK), and Irvine and Carlsbad (California). Its
Tadpole-RDI hardware business unit is the global leader in portable UNIX
workstations and servers and innovator of the world's first Java-enabled
rugged pen computer. Its Tadpole-Cartesia software business unit is an
emerging leader in enterprise-class mobile information systems for the
world's utilities, telecommunications and public service industries that
open new vistas for better management and productivity of field workers,
lead to improved customer service and reduced operational costs, and
enable user industries to fully capitalize their investments in
corporate GIS and CAD data. Further information on Tadpole's businesses
on telephone +1 760-929-0992 (USA), telephone +44 1223 428200 (UK), or
by email sales@tadpole.com.

Press and Analysts contacts for further information -

Bernard Hulme, group chief executive, Tadpole Technology plc
Tel 01223 428200

Hugh Paterson, Patcom Media Relations
Tel +44 (0)207 231 9300
Email: hughp@patcom-media.com

Laura Hanscom, Patcom Media Relations - Tel +1 925-243-0300
Email: laurah@patcom-media.com

All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their
respective owners.

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