[Harvard Biz Review] An Interview with Akamai's CEO.

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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (adam@XeNT.ics.uci.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 05:32:48 PDT

Robert Thau mentioned this in a chat I had with him last night...


 ...so I ordered it. Purchasing a single copy as a hard copy or
electronic download costs me the same amount: $5.50. Even in 2000
people are willing to pay that much for a single article that
interests them.

And even in 2000 there are articles I still can't download online at
all, like those in the New Yorker issue for May 29, 2000, which had both
and interesting Google article and an interesting George Gilder article.
[Thanks Xander.]

> On the Edge: An Interview with Akamai's George Conrades
> by Nicholas G. Carr
> Akamai Technologies is attracting investors, employees, partners, and
> customers like a supercharged magnet. The Cambridge, Massachusetts,
> company is transforming the way the Internet works, and everybody, it
> seems, wants to be "Akamaized."
> But will the attraction last? Will the company meet the challenges of
> explosive growth? Will it maintain its technological edge? Will it
> fulfill the giddy expectations of investors? Much of that depends on the
> performance of George Conrades, Akamai's chairman and CEO.
> In this interview, Conrades explains how Akamai pushes Web content and
> services closer to end users through the use of distributed servers and
> proprietary software. He shares the challenges and thrills of working at
> Internet speed -- forging partnerships with site operators, ISPs, and
> application providers; setting and achieving short-term business goals
> while preserving the company's intellectually combative corporate
> culture; and maintaining a customer focus.
> Conrades discusses the company's "virtuous circle" business model --
> better technology attracts more content providers, which begets more ISP
> participation, which begets better technology -- and reveals the
> strategies and processes Akamai uses to keep that circle spinning. He
> discusses his own role as an absorber of uncertainty: by taking on the
> inevitable risks of competing in the networked economy, he frees up the
> rest of company to act.
> Conrades, who's been in business long enough to see the industrial era
> give way to the Net era, says the new economy is all about "speed and
> scale." But it's also about risk-taking, innovation, and teamwork.
> Bureaucratic CEOs need not apply.


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