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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 11:17:26 PDT

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Kragen Sitaker wrote:

--]June 17, 2000
--] The user interface is totally mysterious and does not guide the
--] user towards achieving his or her goal. Instead, it exposes too
--] much technical detail (IP numbers and the like) which will be
--] totally confusing for the average user.

And thus once again proving that youll find a loser under every wonk.

Its amazing to see people get so bitter/twisted over the fact that
gnutella and napster did not get pooted out of their standards committees
or greased the palms of the convention/wonk circuit.

Blah blah blah and millions of happy little distribfileaholics later on
thing becomes blindingly obvious......

IT DONT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. All the candy assed jabronis who are so
bent because this little spurt of usefullness did not fall from their
blessed lips need to shut their flapping jaws and step aside. The call of
a need went out, these programs brought IT ON and layeth the smack down
on the need.

Yes it can be done better and yes it will be done better and no one cares
what some conference paid junket minded spokesman for the uptight
retentives has to say on the matter.

Shoutcast, ice cast , napster, see a trend here?

And as for this design queens problems with the program...two words
SUCK IT. The protocal is out and about, go build a better interface. But
of course he wont, he gets his jollies talking rather than doing.

Jakob Nielsen, you are not the voice of a generation, you are the broken
record of a whores moan; its cheap and paid for.

Have a nice day.

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