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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 12:53:41 PDT

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000 wrote:
--]my question: even given that, is there some level of wealth or pay that is
--]obscene, regardless of the merits by which one accumulated it?

In most recent ruling obscenity is a commuity standard. Now the question
is, in which community is the person to be judged?

Im sure that for folks eeking out a living down in the minimum wages
tracts the agtes welath must seem iether obscene or imaginary, being so
far out of thier scope as to be ridiculus.

In other comminites Gate's millions must seem like a "tidy" sum, something
to aspire to with proper connections and time.

Still others might see anything over an above cost of living plus a modest
sum to be not onlu obsene but against the very laws of humainty.

For myself..i fall in the camp fo thought that it is not so much how much
a person is worht but what they are doing with thier worth.

Some one who makes 5.25 an hour may be poor in the eyes of those to count
money but if they are working with inner city kids teaching them how to
use computers to better themsleves, then they are rich in my eyes.

Someone who makes 1.5 mil a year and simply sits on it playing the "graby
me some more" life style is poor in my eyes.

Gates, for what ever reason, gave a huge chunk of change to help
education. He and his wife are building up a foudnation that seems to be
doing some good. Given his wealth and his works Iwould say hes defintley
in an upper middle class bracket.

Now wozz, he is rich on all accounts. Between his products, his
festivles, his working with kids to pass on kowing.. he is rich beyond all
the latter day iporidders and dayslavers. He makes Jobs seem like
cheap little punk sucking down a St ives listneing to NSynch.

your milage may vary

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