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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 18:05:03 PDT

Tom Whore <> writes:

> Its amazing to see people get so bitter/twisted over the fact that
> gnutella and napster did not get pooted out of their standards committees
> or greased the palms of the convention/wonk circuit.
> Blah blah blah and millions of happy little distribfileaholics later on
> thing becomes blindingly obvious......
> IT DONT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. All the candy assed jabronis who are so
> bent because this little spurt of usefullness did not fall from their
> blessed lips need to shut their flapping jaws and step aside. The call of
> a need went out, these programs brought IT ON and layeth the smack down
> on the need.

*somebody* has to go out & say that all the gnutella & napster clients
are completely broken, until it's been said enough.

Tom, you keep on replying that hey, it works fine, it's out there,
I've stolen gigs of music with it. But the fact is that it doesn't
work. It's such a tragic waste of time that future generations will
pity us for using such primitive networks.

I bet that I could largely destroy either network indefinately for
about $1k a week plus a startup deposit. I'm surprised that the music
biz hasn't slipped someone the bucks to do that. Of course, something
better and more robust would come along quickly, but the point is,
it's not worth defending, because the whole setup is just a lungfish,
it's waiting for something that makes an iota of sense to come along.
Don't make a wildlife preserve for the lungfish, feed them to the
amphibians instead.

You like gnutella & napster because you're a geek. You've spent hours
clicking on little search response listings, organizing tracks into
albums, hunting down song lists to see if you have complete works.
Just try & deny it :) I'm a geek too, I've stolen lots of music with
gnutella & napster (& for the record, it's led me to buy cds, so
there). I've also stolen lots of music by making stupid crawlers that
find mp3s on the web, which is even more ridiculous. But you have to
realize that this revolution isn't a revolution yet, it's a bunch of
college students with broadband in their dorms, nerds who need
something to do between hunting pr0n, & extreme music fans who already
spend hours hunting for their fix.

Karl Anderson 

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