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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 17:42:05 PDT

"" wrote:
> My website, has been having all kinds of problems with
> ValueWeb/Espire. I am wondering if you can help point me in the
> direction of anyone at Espire/Valueweb who really has power?
> Is the letter I got today from ValueWeb in regards to my sites campaign
> to expose Cross Country Bank.

Sure, you want to contact them in writing addressed to
"Jeff Rubenstein". He also used to be on the FISPA
board which is described below. You'll also note that
E-Spire's CTO called me personally after I obtained their
chairman's number through their investor relations firm.
There has only been one other major outage, but otherwise
their service has greatly improved.

>The Florida Internet Service Providers Association was
>founded in May, 1996 to facilitate discussion and educate the
>public about the importance of the Internet industry. FISPA
>members-acting together-have a mission to offer and support
>implementation of quality standards and practices for Internet
>Service Providers and all Internet related businesses. It is
>imperative that we work to create a single voice presenting the
>concerns of the Internet industry. The Florida Internet Service
>Providers Association was created to meet these challenges.

From your letter you may already be familiar with that organization.
You will also note that I CC'd FoRK in case anyone else wanted
to point you in other directions and/or to determine if your
material really does violate their acceptable use policy, whether
content provided on your bulletin board actually do represent
both express and implicit threats, and if the creator of the bulletin
board is actually responsible for anonymous postings place on the board.
I mention FoRK as the FAX is marked confidential and I wanted
to make you aware of my forwarding your information.

Anyways, I'd be careful with those FLA banks and ISPs. Good
luck with your efforts.


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