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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 18:38:19 PDT

On 21 Jun 2000, Karl Anderson wrote:

--]Tom Whore <> writes:
--]Tom, you keep on replying that hey, it works fine, it's out there,
--]I've stolen gigs of music with it. But the fact is that it doesn't
--]work. It's such a tragic waste of time that future generations will
--]pity us for using such primitive networks.

Oh come on. You talk as if these products are the end of the line. Nothing
is the end of the line, these are just steps to the next thing.

Absolutes and endofline tech is for weenies. Think rolling progress, think
continous ramp up. Think folding in and moving onward. The flow of things
these days is like that last bit in the Narnia Chronicle...its always
upward and onward..

--]You like gnutella & napster because you're a geek. Y

Bzzzt wrong. I like em cuase i put somethign in a search fild and out
comes a file. Are you even using these things or are you simply
regurgitating press release fud?

--]albums, hunting down song lists to see if you have complete works.
--]Just try & deny it :)

The only thing I go nuts over is certian Old Time Radio Shows, like the
goon shows.. Im not one of your typical Anal Retentive types. I have a
much looser take on things.

You ever play "file roulete"? Go onto usent, napster, gnutella, whatever
and just put in some gibberish, grab a file that comes up and listen. I
found a group called The Hoiser Hotshots that way. Amamzing find.

Which is why I love reaping the benifits of all teh goodies while you seem
to just like picking the nits.

These two current methods are easy, fast, and even with a 56k they deliver
the goods.

meanwhile, rmemebr usenet? Usenet is pumping with major goodness of recent
years. Some of the new batch of "find, bind and decode" programs are
mighty great. yet another method to get instant gratification.

--]find mp3s on the web, which is even more ridiculous. But you have to
--]realize that this revolution isn't a revolution yet, it's a bunch of
--]college students with broadband in their dorms, nerds who need
--]something to do between hunting pr0n, & extreme music fans who already
--]spend hours hunting for their fix.

Funny, 4 years ago I heard the same thing being said about the net. hmm

Man, you are so far off the mark its humorous. Im ashamed to see you fall
so easyily into the medias role of FUD rereporter. I guese their methods
are getting better than I imagined.

People are using this the likes of whcih I never imagined.

The revolution is about the whole fucking mess of things going on. In
exlcuding a part because it doesnt meet up with your aesthtetic limbo pole
is simply diminishing your own enjoyment of the flow.

So i tell ya what. You go on grousing. I will go on using and reading the
papers, mailing lists and maybe even have something usefull to add on the
next app/method (like freenet...yall remeber freenet? The evo of that is
pretty damn cool) Im sure in the end we will both be happy even though we
took differnt paths.

Remeber, its all connected.

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