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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 12:13:40 PDT

Tom Whore <> writes:

> On 21 Jun 2000, Karl Anderson wrote:
> --]Tom Whore <> writes:
> --]
> --]
> --]Tom, you keep on replying that hey, it works fine, it's out there,
> --]I've stolen gigs of music with it. But the fact is that it doesn't
> --]work. It's such a tragic waste of time that future generations will
> --]pity us for using such primitive networks.
> Oh come on. You talk as if these products are the end of the line. Nothing
> is the end of the line, these are just steps to the next thing.

No, I'm saying that these products are evolutionary, that they should
be crowded out by better products, and that whining about other
whiners whining about their faults just makes you a whiner.

> --]You like gnutella & napster because you're a geek. Y
> Bzzzt wrong. I like em cuase i put somethign in a search fild and out
> comes a file. Are you even using these things or are you simply
> regurgitating press release fud?

Tom, if you read my whole message before replying, rather than
responding to it sentence by sentence on the 1st reading, you won't
ask these questions that are answered within 25 words. I use gnutella
a lot. I'd use it more if it could sit in the background while I was
trying to work and not saturate my connection with "find teen.jpg".

> You ever play "file roulete"? Go onto usent, napster, gnutella, whatever
> and just put in some gibberish, grab a file that comes up and listen. I
> found a group called The Hoiser Hotshots that way. Amamzing find.

Beats playing "I can find the porn in 5 clicks from that website"!
But that's my point, the revolution that everyone is talking about
isn't quite here yet, except for people who will spend time trawling
for stuff.

Nothing wrong with enthusiasts mucking thru the net, but it isn't what
the music industry fatcats are afraid of, and it isn't what's going to
make them obsolete. I spend lots of time looking for obscure bike
parts at garage sales, but I still go to the store & happily pay their

I think it's an indicator of the whole code rush phenomenon. Some of
the first solutions are obvious, and some are even being worked on -
but an app with a more or less busted user interface and more or less
open protocol can flop into the world and stay in the headlines
without improving. I thought the world would beat a path to your door
if you built a better mousetrap.

> So i tell ya what. You go on grousing. I will go on using and reading the
> papers, mailing lists and maybe even have something usefull to add on the
> next app/method (like freenet...yall remeber freenet? The evo of that is
> pretty damn cool)

Okay, it takes guts to flame me & then paraphrase my argument as your
own, I'll give you that :)

Karl Anderson 

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