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From: Colin Coller (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 08:15:30 PDT

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 wrote:

> A friend writes:
> <<Let me put it this way. There exists in the technology world only one
> messaging solution that is a) not aimed at consumers; b) is not an expensive
> toy; c) is not a fashion accessory; c) is completely practical, here now and
> ready to empower sales forces and traveling professionals everywhere, and d)
> cannot possibly fail because the Canadian government is pouring more money in
> the backdoor than these guys can possibly spend on marketing in three
> lifetimes. You have, I believe, correctly identified the near future 800
> pound gorilla of the electronic messaging world. Palm and CE are
> claimers--RIMM (Blackberry) is Secretariat.>>

That's RIM -- Research in Motion -- at

Your friend is right.

RIM is everywhere. I see advertisements with RIM pagers at least six
times a day. I know lots of young professionals and students who have
them. Bell Mobility and Rogers/AT&T chose RIM over competing Motorola
products here in Canada. They have huge coverage. I don't think
Motorola's RIM-killer (the Talkabout T900) will.

For geeks: The pagers and the palmtops have an Intel 386 processor in
them. You can download the SDK and write your own applications. I
don't know any other pager manufacturers who let you do this (I know,
they're not just pagers, but still).

> So far as I know, the principal effect of Canadian subsidies has been the
> production of too many films starring Donald Sutherland. Does anyone know
> about this technology?

We get our money's worth. I'm sure some of that subsidy money went into
good movies like "The Sweet Hereafter".


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