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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 15:18:57 PDT

A rim review I found while sloberknocing the web

"Today RIM joined the PIM gang introducing its BlackBerry 957. Its new 5.3
ounce 957 incorporates a larger screen, a 32-bit Intel 386 processor, 5 MB
Intel flash memory, easy-to-use keyboard, embedded wireless modem,
integrated organizer and full support for the BlackBerry wireless email
solution. By adding the new full organizer (calendar, address book, task
list, memo pad, calculator and alarm), better PC synchronization
capabilities, and a fully Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-compliant
micro browser, the BlackBerry is now equipped to go head-to-head with
PalmVII, Handspring Visor, and Microsoft's upcoming (4/19) Pocket PC.
RIM's "always on" retrieval capabilities and network-friendly protocol for
business email make it a contender in wireless handheld device.
It will be available in May for $500. A 2mb version will sell for $350.
BlackBerry has a $40/ month flat rate airtime plan with Bell South. For
more information visit or"

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