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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 15:44:41 PDT

Intalio is the newly branded name of the old Exoffice people.

Last Summer they asked about incorporating the Endeavors stuff
into their open source offering. They burned through their initial
round of angel funding as an open source company and it looks
like they are now refinanced and going after the e-commerce
process space based on their press release on the 21st. From
last October they were fairly buzzword heavy. Below
is a posting they sent out last October.

> Then we recruited the best developers from
> projects like Java Apache and Mozilla.
> Now, we've secured seed funding from two
> Venture Capital Firms.
> What next? We will deliver Intalio, the best
> enterprise platform for business applications. And
> you know what? It's Open Source! So stay
> tuned for amazing things to come.

At the time it seemed like vaporware. They are still only claiming
to be able to deliver RosettaNet and Biztalk in Q4. It'll be
interesting to see where they head.

Is Apple looking for an eBusiness process integration
engine and supporting open source platform? Hell, we'll
give you one for free.


Ernest Prabhakar wrote:
> So I've been looking at Exolab and their Tyrex transaction manager. Does
> anyone know these people personally (who's Assar Arkin?). I love the
> description:
> Due to its nature as a back-end system, Tyrex is probably one of the most
> boring open source projects on earth.
> Has anyone actually used it? Does Tomcat rely on it? What sort of
> reputation do ExoLab and Intalio have in the Open Source world?
> -- Ernie P.

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