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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 16:27:42 PDT

Tomwhore writes:
> --]I've been abstaining from comments on this whole WAP craze, but what
> --]can it be good for
> Then again there are tales of the folks in the Land Of the Rising Sun
> zombie trancing to wap devices in AOL proportioned numbers.

NO. WAP has NOT taken off in Japan, because there are people
zombie-trancing to i-mode devices in AOL-proportioned numbers. Some
differences, according to the i-mode article Linda FoRKed:

- i-mode can do animation and sound
- i-mode incorporates e-mail
- i-mode can do asynchronous notification
- i-mode has MICROPAYMENTS

WAP will NEVER take off in Japan, unless they specify something
completely new with most or all of these features and call it "WAP"
despite its lack of relationship to what we currently know as WAP.

WAP can't do so much as a dinky little icon, let alone cute
animations. WAP can't do sound (imagine that! A cell-phone medium
that can't do sound!).

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