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From: Damien Morton (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 04:02:53 PDT

So all RIM needs now is an AOL IM client, an IRC client, and a version of
the 957 that doesnt require MS Exchange and I will surely buy one.

Of course, itd be nice if it doubled up as a cellphone as well. Carrying a
cellphone and a PDA at the same time kinda irks me. If I could carry only
one, I would be a happy man. Wonder why its taking so long for someone to
come out with a decent cellphone/PDA combo.

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> Subject: Re: Rimm Job?
> I've been a RIM user for a few months (BellSouth) and a RIM investor for
> more than a year (bought at $24CDN, thanks!).
> I think that the Blackberry is a kick-ass product that acutely hits the
> market it's focused on. I also think that, even with the smaller
> screen of
> the 950, it is 200% more useful than any of the three Palm Computing
> devices I've owned (and subsequently abandoned to my stack of milk crates
> containing useless gadgetry).
> I certainly hope that we're not going to get into a debate because your
> correspondent thinks that the Canadian government is engaging in unfair
> trade practises and trying to kill the US PDA market with
> cheaper, inferior
> products.
> Technology Partnerships Canada is a highly elitist and
> conservative venture
> capital fund that the government has created to help established
> companies
> (not startups) go-to-market and which returns short-term revenue both to
> the company and to the fund. Beyond the initial grant, TPC his
> supposed to
> be %50 self-funding. It goes without saying that TPC has a potential
> audience of fewer than 200 companies, and RIM is one of a handful of
> companies (read: NORTEL) for which TPC was specifically created.
> The RIM Blackberry is the fastest-to-market wide-area-coverage wireless
> email device on the market. Full stop. It's an amazing success
> story from
> a company that's really not the world's greatest marketer, but with the
> right push it could unseat Palm and Handspring as the collective heirs
> apparent to the connected PIM (hell, even just the PIM) market.
> The RIM 957 has embarrassed everyone else:
> Palm, Minstrel, Microsoft, Handspring, IBM... they were all
> caught sleeping
> by the MOBITEX network (of all things!) and the device which exploits it.
> If I was RIM I'd be spending that $23M on opening up a can of marketing
> whup-ass on the PDA guys (looks like they are). Let's see if the 957
> passes the Palm VII in sales in the next few months.
> -Ian.
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