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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 12:47:15 PDT

Damien Morton writes:
> Right, so you have the phone/PDA, which is something you wear on your belt
> or in a jacket pocket, and to answer the phone or to dial you have some kind
> of bluetoothy thing with voice recognition for dialing. On the other hand,

A headset would be nice. Both for talking, and for speech
recognition. At some point, the headset would include a headup

One can implement a cellphone purely on software on a PDA with a few
10 kBps wireless connectivity. would seem like
a good candidate. You'd have to make gateways into legacy phone
systems, of course.

> a cable of some kind linking the two things would prevent them getting lost
> and/or separated. Of course you could have a GPS unit in both of them so
> that they always know where the other part is.

Current GPS systems take too much juice to be replicated in the same
gadget. I've always asked me why the cellphone people didn't install a
local positioning system infrastructure in cell base stations
(particularly now, using digital pulse radio technology).

Notice that you need a high-res realtime LPS if you want to move along
the lines of augmented reality. Map overlays, hints to physical
objects, ghosts representing remote objects, etc.

Why do such things always take X design and market iterations?

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