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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 16:13:58 PDT

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Steve Dossick wrote:

--]Yes, everyone knows it's much easier to get up, boot up the computer,
--]dial up the isp, start browser, type, find batteries,
--]order, and then wait 45 minutes for the delivery.

Living in portland for a while I have noticed one thing. All teh kids and
folks making money are ALWAYS ONLINE. The folks with dsl take it for
granted they can turn to thier computer and just zoomzip. FOlks with just
Dialup often get cell phones so others can get ahold of them.

It may sound a bit bizzare but of a kind there is a segment here , and i
suspect elsewhere, that finds Kosmo the next natural progression to pizza

And that is the market I think htey are hitting. Young folks with the
disposable income enough to be online all the time and subject to new
forms of consumerism (or rather old ones with new hypefll twists)

I for one will be a happier person when i can order up a few dozen bocca
burgers, some estess d12-6's, rent new dvds to burn and return, and a pint
or so of fresh ground whaet grass juice striaght to my door in 30 mins
or less from the luxury of my garden on my walkabout pc as i train the
train the tomoatos to grow up the cages while listening to old time radio
shows with the kid.

Life is short, lines suck.

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