Re: WebVan buys HomeGrocer: walking wounded

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 07:18:06 PDT

Here's the thing, imagine CONDENSING it into one button push.
On your Internet phone, you have a home page with 5 buttons so
that when you push one, szechuan dumplings show up on your doorstep
guranteed in 30 minutes, no more or no less, and without having to talk
to the delivery guy or tip him. wrote:

> Imagine scaling it up--imagine that this is a big market, and that in a place
> like Manhattan they are getting, oh, 500 calls an hour during peak times. And
> need to employ therefore about 200 bike-riding messengers. (Or car-owning
> messengers if in LA.) In THIS labor market? At THESE prices? How you going to
> amortize even the capital costs of a good bike? And even so: whjat market cap
> do you think a messenger service should have? How much market cap do you
> think a Chinese take-out/delivery restaurant should have? It's screwy.
> Life IS short and likes DO suck, but waiting 45 minutes sucks, too.
> Especially for szechuan dumplings.
> Tom

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