Re: Napster, Gnutella: URN lookup services?

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From: Steve Dossick (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 11:08:47 PDT

It strikes me that CDDB would also have such a taxonomy, although I'm
not sure how they would feel about giving access to the data.


Dave Winer wrote:
> Jim raises some very important and totally interesting and exciting
> questions, but there's another question that needs to be raised. First a
> little background.
> Napster is going to change. They're hiring music industry execs. They're
> negotiating with RIAA.
> It's clear that they are wanting to fit in with the music industry's
> user-hostile and misguided idea of the role of the Internet in music. Now,
> in the meantime, the window is open, Napster is serving data which if
> Napster should change its service, might disappear, and we might look back
> and wish we had done some harvesting.
> Imperfect as it is, Napster's database holds a taxonomy of popular music
> among Internet users, a snapshot, one with a lot of historic value, imho.
> I want to get that data into XML on public servers. I have contact with
> management at Napster and can ask for technical details. Of course I'm not
> sure if they'll answer. And they don't want crawlers, even so..
> Would anyone like to join me in creating such an archive? (Not of the music,
> just the artists and song titles.)
> Dave Winer
> UserLand

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