Re: Napster, Gnutella: URN lookup services?

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From: Colin Coller (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 11:30:49 PDT

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Dave Winer wrote:

> Imperfect as it is, Napster's database holds a taxonomy of popular music
> among Internet users, a snapshot, one with a lot of historic value, imho.

I want a company to take my track collection from Napster, find other
tracks I might like, and contact me with some easy way to sample and
buy those tracks.


        Based on your track collection this week, and on your established
        music preferences, we recommend the following tracks:

                Stone Temple Pilots (+) 8.8 (-)
                "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (Live, Acoustic, Cover)

                To [sample]: $0.15
                To [purchase]: $0.55


In my case, all the company would have to do is look for acoustic versions
of songs I like, or unreleased songs by artists I like.


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